A Crazy Two Weeks and More Visits In Store.

Hi All! It feels like an eternity since I last blogged. I have a lot of catching up to do with you, so let’s get started! 2 weeks ago, I was an exhibitor at BEA/BookCon. It was quite the experience! the first 3 days were closed to industry only: publishers, authors, booksellers, teachers, librarians, etc.. Then on Saturday, BookCon took place. That is where it opens up to the public. On all 4 days, all the major publishers were there as well as some well-known authors such as James Dashner. I met some really amazing people like Julia Jones, the entrepreneur who started up a book subscription business called Beautiful Madness. She hand picks the books that will be featured in her monthly subscriptions, then builds a theme within the box including anything that would be related to the book such as foods, drinks or other trinkets. Really quite creative! Also, my daughter came as my assistant and got her hands on every free book offered. After 4 days of collecting these books, she added up the prices which came to a grand total of just under $6,000! I think it’s safe to say we have our reading list for the next year! I also met a lot of other great people from teachers to librarians to bloggers who were interested in my series as well as my doing a visit to their school or library. So, some great networking occurred! Once that week was over, I jumped back into my every day life of working and keeping up with the house and kids. Then On Friday, May 20th, a major t.v. news crew came to our block because I won a block party from the WGN T.V. morning news show. It was crazy! My kids band got to play on national t.v. and I even got to get a plug of The Wish in!
School visits are still happening and I will be visiting Mooseheart Childrens City School on Thursday. Friday, June 10th, I’ve been invited by Barnes and Noble to kick off the National Teen Book Fest here in Geneva. I’ll be doing a short presentation then signing books! A lot has happened and requests for author visits have begun to come in for next school year! I’m thankful for the response to The Wish’s release and pray the requests keep coming!
Please join me later this week where I’ll showcase an incredible artist in my Friday blog.

Til next week…
E.V. Jones

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