A Letter from Jack!

Letter from Jack (main character in ‘The Wish’).

How’s she cuttin? My friend, Mrs. E.V. Jones asked that I write a letter for her blog this week for you to get to know me better before you start reading of my adventures in The Wish. So, here I go. My name is Jack Shannahan and I’m fifteen years old. I guess ya could say I’m a bogtrotter, that’s another term used for someone like me who lives in the country. My favorite meal is colcannon, though I haven’t had any of that for a bit since I came to the Otherworld. If anyone would have told me that I’d be in a fantastical world like this, running for my life from some header that’s after me, I would have said ya were mentaller! But here I am, in search of a group of wizards, the only ones that can protect me against some wanker called O’Dorchaie. He seems to think I have something he wants, and will stop at nothing to find me. Lucky for me, I’m traveling with a couple of fine mates. I’ve got a good fella called Kellen. He can cause some brutal damage with his shillelagh were he get to milling with ya. And then there’s Alastrine. She’s one flah of a mermaid. The funny thing about this Otherworld is, since I left my gaff, I’ve felt like I’ve been here before, it all seems so familiar. I may only be a boyo, but I can tell ya this, I’ve experienced things in this world that I feel has aged me years beyond my time on earth. I only hope to make it to the wizards before O’Dorchaie finds me.
Well, I’m wrecked and need to get some sleep before we head out tomorrow. Please continue to follow my friend E.V. to keep informed of my adventures and the release of her debut novel, The Wish. Oh and one more thing. E.V. asked that I write the meanings of some of the Irish terms I’ve used in my letter to ya. Good blathering with ya.

Irish terms and meanings
colcannon- Mashed potatoes & cabbage/ kale
header- mad/crazy person
mentaller- crazy
wanker- someone you don’t like
milling- fighting
flah- beautiful/good looking
gaff- house
boyo- a young person
wrecked- tired
blathering- talking

Thanks to Jack for sending his letter to me just in time for this weeks blog. I’ve completed my edits of The Wish and will be sending it back to the publisher by Monday, after I do one more reading of it. It’s exciting to have completed the first round of edits with a full head of hair still. 😉
Thanks for visiting this week. Hope to see you back!
Til next week…
E.V. Jones

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