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Welcome back! The delay in getting my post out this week was due to some crazy work hours at my full time job. I could have posted on Wednesday just to keep on track, but in reality, due to my working a few more night shifts, my brain was a bit fried. Plus, I think my followers deserve better than a “half asleep post” that would probably not make much sense! So without further delay…

It’s amazing what one can do when they have to. I’ve worked quite a few night shifts, even pulled a 20 hour shift this past week, and continued to function on very little sleep for those few days. Now mind you, I could never keep up at that schedule for a long period of time, but short term, I can do anything. How? I have an inner strength that I think  developed from my older sister Penny. As a child of nine, I used to sit at my sisters bedside when she was in the hospital. I watched how she endured pain, illness, surgeries which were then followed by long recoveries. I actually became a nurse because of my sister, I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others that were ill, like the wonderful nurses did for my sister. I remember being snuck up into the ICU by a nurse so that I could see my sister, who was ten years old at the time and diagnosed with a very rare connective tissue/auto-imune disease. I watched her in the years that followed, go through countless surgeries, endless treatments with medications that caused her to gain weight, lose her hair etc., but through it all, she never once complained or felt sorry for herself. She remains to be the bravest warrior I’ve ever known. If it wasn’t for her, I’m not sure what kind of person I would have turned out to be. I am thankful for all that I have, and I think my experiences with Penny made me who I am today. Even when I started to write The Wish, my thoughts were of her and her life. After 35 years of treatments, a kidney transplant, major cardiac disease, and more hospitalizations than we could count, my sister lost her battle 2 years ago, from a disease that ultimately wreaked havoc on just about every major organ system. My thoughts of her pushes me to dream, take chances and teach my children that life is short and we should never be afraid to dream big.  The arts are not pushed enough in our youth today. It seems impossible to kids that they could be successful in such a competitive field. But I always tell them,  “Every known celebrity: actor, writer, model, singer, etc., was a kid with a dream just like them. All they have to do is find their inner strength and forge ahead when others say they can’t.” Penny lived YEARS past her doctors expectations and predictions. She is an example to us all of what someone could do when the put their mind to it.

In The Wish, the main character Jack is tested and challenged where he must find his inner strength in order to survive. Penny was and always will be my inspiration in all that I do, including the development of The Wish and its main character, Jack. Who’s your inspiration? Who’s in your thoughts when faced with a challenge or a dream? If you don’t have that someone to inspire you, then think of my sister Penny, who at one time was a little girl fighting to survive. She proved everyone wrong in their predictions of her life expectancy. While she died a young woman of 46 years old, she lives on in me and my writing.

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Take care. Hope to see you and your friends back next week!


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