A roller coaster week!

This past week has been an emotional roller coaster of events. First, I’ve topped 8200 hits to my website! Thank you to everyone who has been spreading the word about The Wish! Also, I received the approved cover for my book with my author’s name of E.V. Jones. I’m working on getting the cover posted to my website, Goodreads and f.b., but like I’ve said, I’m a bit “technologically challenged” and am waiting on the expertise of my husband to help with that. If you’d like to see the cover, it’s on the Publishers website at worldnouveau.com on the right hand side of the page under “soon to be released” column.
On a different note, I had the unfortunate experience of attending my cousin’s funeral who died after her battle with breast cancer. She was a young woman in her mid 50’s who was diagnosed approximately one year ago. Seeing the pictures of her in her younger years, was the cousin I remembered. She was goofy, funny and a light-hearted person. The pictures showed a lifetime (although shortened by her diagnosis) of family and friends lives she touched. Funerals have a way of never failing to bring up the conversations of “we should get together”, or “I’ll call you.” It’s usually through loss that we come to realize how out of touch we’ve become with family and friends. I promised to hold true of a comment I made to another cousin of mine (that I grew up with like a sister), that I would stay in touch. After all, we live (literally) 5 minutes away from each other! While life may have taken over and we grew up, got married, started our careers, are raising our kids, I think we have to all remember to stay connected to extended family (especially) from our past. Especially when we grew up as close as me and my sisters did with our cousins.
After this past week of both up and down experiences, I remembered a passage I wrote in The Wish that sums up how I felt:

“I’m not going to say you won’t have pain in your life, but that is what makes life worth living. After the pain comes healing, then the appreciation of what you have overcome, life is all about the memories…experiences…and feelings. Everything. That is what makes life so precious.”

Finally, as soon as I get the image of my cover downloaded on my website, fb and Goodreads, I’ll send out a notice to all the subscribers to my blogs as well as my fb friends. Thank you so much for continuing to follow me, support me and spreading the word about The Wish. My appreciation goes beyond what words can express.
Til next week….
E.v. Jones

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