A Sentimental Vacation

Welcome! It’s been an amazing 11 days on vacation with the family. We’re currently in San Francisco and just got back from an all day tour of the city. Our guide was fantastic and took us back through some of the smaller areas in San Francisco you wouldn’t normally see on any tour. Surprisingly, the weather was quite chilly and windy. I really thought it would have been warmer. Tomorrow we are leaving early to spend 5 days in L.A.! On the last day, I have a scheduled meeting with my publisher of World Nouveau! I’m very excited to be finally meeting them.
While talking with our kids, I told them this will probably be the last really long trip we’ll be taking as a family. Being that this was a “dream” trip to drive to the west coast, taking almost a month off of work to make it happen, I figured we have the east coast as out next trip in the next couple of summers, then the south and some midwest states. Realizing my oldest may only have 2 more summers with us before he is off to school, military or whatever he chooses, it made me a bit sentimental. I’ll tell you something, if you want to see how tight-knit, close your family REALLy is, pile them all into a car for one month and go on a camping trip. Add to that, the size of our family-6 kids, ages 7-16, 1 bathroom and 4 beds to share. Luckily, I have some great kids who all get along extremely well, so the living quarters within our camper isn’t an issue. But, driving from one campsite to the next, sometimes staying for just a day to sleep then be off to our next destination, they have all done EXTREMELY well. No one has really gotten on each others nerves (too much).
I can’t imagine any of my kids not being around to share in our family vacations because they are off on their own, but that’s just the mom in me.
When you read The Wish, you’ll see some of that “motherly instinct” come out in my writing as I was trying to imagine and put into words, what it would be like to have to let go of your child and trust them in the hands of strangers. I’m hoping the reader, whether they be young or older, will be able pick up on the pain, anxiety and sadness Maggie feels when she needs to let Jack go in order to save him. I think it’s a feeling only a parent can feel, but I hope I put it into words well enough for the younger reader to appreciate.
Finally, I was hit with a surprise this past Monday when I saw I topped 20,000 hits to my website! My gratitude to my Twitter followers, Website followers, family and friends who have all supported and encouraged me throughout this incredible journey, goes beyond even what I can put into words. I’m looking forward to your continued support upon the release of The Wish, which is still set for this Fall, 2015!
Please continue to spread the word about my website and don’t forget to take the personality quiz posted on “Book One” page of my website. (It’s just after Chapter One) You can even print up an official certificate of who you are most like!

Thanks again for all your support!
Til next week….
E.V. Jones

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