Alyssa’s Art and her Foundation

Welcome! As promised, this week I’m showcasing an extraordinary artist whose love for the arts is touching the hearts of other children and young adults, even after this brave young girls death.
Last Spring, while attending one of my kids orchestra concerts, I met a woman who had a table set up collecting donations for her foundation called Alyssa Alvin Foundation. After speaking with her for a few minutes, I learned her daughter was a student just a couple of years ago at our High School but had passed away after her long battle with leukemia. Her daughter Alyssa, was a musician as well as a very gifted artist/painter. In memory of Alyssa, her mom Yoli started up this foundation to provide art supplies and musical instruments, etc., to children and young adults who are going through treatments. As I spoke further with Yoli, she showed me some of Alyssa’s artwork, which was extraordinary. One of her pieces even hangs in the halls of Children Memorial Hospital as a gift from Alyssa to the staff.
It seems all too often, young people are taken from our world who have added so much beauty to it. Even though I never knew Alyssa, it saddened me to think of such a beautiful, talented, young girl who no longer was able to share her gifts with the world. But then I stopped and realized, her spirit, her gifts and the very essences of her beauty, lives on through her family, the foundation and the gifts she left behind in the artwork, poetry and music she played.
Having lost my own sister just a few years ago, I slowly started to realize a life is never lost, it’s just changed into an energy for those left behind to decide how it lives on. We can choose to be angry, sad and unforgiving for the loss of our loved ones, or we can celebrate the life that graced our presence (if even for a short time), talk about them, share their gifts and try to touch other lives with their memory. Yoli and her family couldn’t have shown more love, dedication and honor for Alyssa when they started up this foundation and chose to share her story and her artwork with the world.
There are very few foundations I have ever felt as passionate about. I think it’s partly because of the story behind its start, but also, the idea of using the arts to help children and young adults through some of the most difficult times of their lives makes me WANT to be a part of helping making a difference. If you’d like to learn more about Alyssa’s artwork, become a volunteer or donate something, please visit their website at
Thank you.

Not much more to report on regarding The Wish. I’m on a bit of a break before schools start back. I’ve gone through my second round of edits for book #2 and am continuing to work on book #3.
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