Art by Joseph and a GoodReads Give Away!

Hi, thanks so much for joining me this week. I apologize for the delay in posting this week’s blog, but our family decided to take a quick trip out to Georgia to pick up a trailer for my kids band, Summer Monkeys. We then stopped in Chattanooga, Tennessee on our way back. What a beautiful city and some of the nicest people I’ve ever met!
So, as promised, I’d like to get started…
This week I’d like to showcase an amazing artist that lives right here in the western suburbs of Chicago. His name is Joseph Gagnepain and he has his own arts studio called Art by Joseph. I watched a few of his videos and found him to be not only a talented artist, but an incredible human being. His sculptures are made from recycled “garbage.” He is an independent artist that envisions his art to be displayed where everyone can appreciate it, which means majority of his sculptors are meant to be outside. I can’t say enough things about this amazing artist. He actually was posted just outside out our house when we had the major News Station, Channel 9 morning news crew here for their block party. He painted a picture of Tommy Skilling in the few hours during the morning news show.
If you’d like to see this painting as well as any of his work, please go to his website to see his work, view his videos and get to know an artist whose heart is as pure as his work!
Now for the giveaway! I’ve just opened a giveaway on GoodReads. All you have to do is post that you’d like to be entered, the giveaway ends on July 23. Winner will be chosen by random. The giveaway is a personalized, autographed copy of The Wish. Please tell your friends, family and whoever you know, to enter. This is the first giveaway since the book’s release, so I’m hoping to stir up some talk about the book.
Please be sure to check in at the end of the week when I’ll be posting my blog by Friday. I’ll be talking about some other possible contests in the works and where I’ll be heading next for a book signing!
Til next week…
E.V. Jones

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