Artists and updates

Happy Friday everyone!! As promised, here are a couple of artists that deserves
our attention as they are not big, famous, “everyone knows” kinda people, but artists that are talented in their own venue and I’d like to acknowledge.
First, in the music arena is a band called The Student Loan. They are a string band that conform their style of music to any genre out there, even Led Zeppelin! They are really quite amazing. Very odd story behind this one….thanks to the miracle of technology (and Facebook) I learned that the female singer, Liz, is actually a cousin of mine. I saw her last name, Chibucos. After looking her up, I asked her to accept me as a friend on Facebook and have been following her and her music. Kinda cool! You can go to to check them out.
Debut author Corine Duyvis wrote a book called ‘Otherbound’. When reading the review, it definitely sounds intriguing! It’s a fantasy written for 14+. I am putting it on my list of books to read this year!
Finally, not much more to report on The Wish. I plan on tweaking my synopsis on the “Book one” page of my website. Stop by before next Wednesdays blog to read it. Drop a note if you get a chance to let me know what you think. My site continues to be a work in progress!
Hoping everyone has a great weekend!
Hope to see you back!

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