Artists recognized and final revisions

As promised last week, I want to promote a couple of artists that few may have heard of. The first is an author I met with last week in hopes of getting some advice and insight in getting published. His name is Mike Bushman. He is the author of Suicide Escape, Melting Point 2040, and Secession 2041. I’m placing him on my reading list for this Spring and Summer and would encourage you to take a gander at his website He is a genuinely good person and my hope is that you will check him out and maybe even purchase one of his books. 50% of his profits are donated as well.
The other artist happens to be someone I met over 20 years ago! He was a friend of a friend and I’ve kept in touch with him off and on in the past few years. I most recently learned that he is a singer/song writer and plays with a band called ACME Blues Band. This artists name is Julio Cuomo and he is quite talented. if you check out their website at, I’m sure you’ll enjoy what you see. Julio told me in an email that he’s also working on a CD separate from his work with the ACME Blues Band. His playing music is done only on the side as he has a full-time job, but is able to squeeze in playing with the band and work on his own CD. When I hear of the release date for that CD, I’ll be sure to let you know.

As for me this week, I got my first round of revisions from my publisher. All I can say is “wow”! My first reaction to the publishers suggestions on revisions was “Really? Cut this . . . change that?” But once I got over my baby fit, I started the revisions and surprisingly, it’s such a better read! I guess they really know what they’re talking about. I’m thinking about going with Y.V. Jones since they also told me that there are 2 other Yvonne Jones’ that are authors and in order to avoid confusion, I could either add my middle initial “V” in my author’s name or, I suggested, possibly go with Y.V. Jones. What do you all think? Would love to hear back from you. We are still on track for the release of The Wish to be in April. I’m working on a couple of author programs for schools and will be announcing a book give away next week on Goodreads. When I post the give away date, I’ll send a tweet out.
That’s all for now, and hope to see you back next week. Please don’t forget to share this site with your friends and family in your social media circles! Thanks so much for visiting and all your support!
til next week…..

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