Artists recognized and update on Galley

It feels like an eternity since I last wrote. I’ve been trying to keep a nasty cold from developing into a “full-fledged, miserable cold”. I’m feeling just crappy enough to not want to do anything, but not so crappy to crawl under the blankets and call in sick to work. I skipped last week in blogging, taking care of 4 sick kids as well as trying to convince myself “you’re not getting sick, your not getting sick.” So, let’s get started! As promised, I’m bringing to this weeks blog a couple of artists who’ve followed me on Twitter.

The first is a young man by the name of Frankie Acosta. He is more than an incredible young man who’s overcome some pretty remarkable obstacles. He’s an artist with some of the most insightful blogs I’ve ever read. Please show your support by visiting his sight at

The second artist I think is pretty amazing is Brian Hazard. His music is very different and he has quite the resume of accomplishments in his career. check out his music and music video at to preview his music and his amazing work!

Update on The Wish….
I’ve officially made it about 1/4 of the way through the book with my edits. I reluctantly started the 50 page dump last week (per my publishers request dump pages 20-70), and it was slow start, but I’ve dumped and rewrote pages 20-63. More action, more antagonist presence and more meaningful dialogue has all been interwoven into the story. As painful as it has been to dump 50 pages of my work, I must say, it reads much better and is much more of a “page turner”. At the rate I’ve been working with my edits and revisions, I should be finishing up by late October, early November, to send back to my publisher.
Thanks for continuing to follow me and support me. My followers on Twitter has grown and I’ve topped 32,500 hits to my website. Please continue to share my website with family and friends. Also, don’t forget to share with everyone (young and old) the character quiz posted immediately following my sneak peek chapters which are under the “Book One” page. Kids can even print out a certificate of who they are most like in The Wish. It’s a fun way to have interaction of (future) readers and get them thinking about the characters they will soon meet!

Til next week….
E.V. Jones

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