After working a 24 hours shift (yes 24 hrs straight!) at my current job as a night nursing supervisor, I was reminded of an old nursing professor of mine and her remark when I was a first year nursing student. “You will never make it as a nurse. I give you 6 months to burn out with your behavior! That is if you make it through this program!” This remark was made when she caught me in the act of holding a patients hand who had confided in me that she wanted to kill herself. When I told my instructor that I had planned on telling the RN caring for that patient, so that they could get her some help, she made a few more snide comments, then walked away. That was about 20 years ago, and she couldn’t have been more wrong! While doing 24 hours at my current job wasn’t necessarily by choice, because I love what I do, it wasn’t all that bad. Looking back, I think my professor was trying to instill a sense of balance and empathy into my wondrous nursing eyes. (At least that’s what I need to believe). But at the time, because of her comments, I came within steps of going into the admissions office and withdrawing from nursing school. I decided to sleep on it, and the next day, I chose to trudge on. Needless to say, I did graduate, and have never regretted my decision of becoming a nurse. Knowing that there are others in this world who try to pound down those of us who have dreams, aspirations, and core beliefs in doing the right thing, can be disheartening. But, I truly believe if you can find something you LOVE to do, then doing it won’t ever seem like a chore or a job. If I had allowed my professor’s words to penetrate my heart, I would most certainly have dropped out. The same goes for writing. There are thousands of authors who choose to not pursue their dream of getting published. Is it because of words said to them and the impact it had on them? I feel so lucky to have been picked up by World Nouveau. Years had passed between conception of the story and the final product being discovered. I had a few “nay sayers” laugh at the thought of my getting a book published. But there were those, like my husband and family that supported me, Cat and Gineve at World Nouveau that believe in me, and friends and coworkers who encourage me, that keeps me going. I’m hoping my experiences will be encouragement for others, especially the young, that no matter what others say to you or think of you, nothing should EVER stop you from doing what you love!
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…coming up next week, another teaser from book one of the Cloverleaf Chronicles, The Wish.

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