Book trailer, cover art and other updates

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone’s week is going well so far. I saw something on-line outlining how many days til Spring, Summer, 4th of July, etc, and it made it easier to step out into the 20 degree weather this morning.  As far as my book, I’m still waiting for the final O.K. from the publisher on the cover art so that I can then share it on Goodreads, Amazon, and here! Also, have been working on something fun for readers/potential readers of The Wish to do. As soon as it is added to my website,  I’ll let you know. I think it will tie in nicely with the book’s release which is roughly a month away! I’ve made a list of author visits to schools and libraries etc., and will be hitting those once I can complete my media kit, which is just waiting on (you guessed it!) the publishers final approval of the cover art. My followers on Twitter has been growing unbelievably, thanks to those that have been spreading the word!

Something else I’ve been working on is getting a book trailer together to be released in a couple of weeks. With the help of some extremely talented people, my daughter Isabel is working on the visual aspect and David Kellen, our kids piano teacher, has composed and performed the musical version. He had me listen to it this week and it is unbelievable! With just a little bit of tweaking, he should have it done in time for us to put it together and get the trailer released in a couple of weeks. Very exciting!

Finally, hits to my website has topped 4500! The average hits of 100-125 a week is still going strong and I’m so thankful to all of you who are supporting me. Thanks so much for everything! I’m off to do some more research on book number three for Cloverleaf Chronicles. Thanks for visiting and will look forward to seeing you next week!

Til then……


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