Busy Summer and Bumps in the Road!

Hi everyone! So the last few weeks have crazy around the Jones Household here! I’ve been putting in extra hours at my job because a colleague of mine is out sick. Luckily I love what I do and the people I work with, so it’s not all that bad. In addition, my kids band, Summer Monkeys, has been NON STOP with gigs. Between their gigs, lessons, writing new songs, releasing their latest original called Soft Song (check it out on You Tube!) and working on the release of their first music video for their next original called “Chance”, we’ve all had quite a summer! This past week brought some challenges for us as well when a broken water pipe was discovered as a leak in our basement. The good news is it was caught quick enough so minimal damage was done in the wall, although the basement floor is destroyed. Bad news is we had only one working sink in our whole house! It’s amazing how much we take for granted in our everyday amenities. For two days we had to fill our toilet tanks with buckets of water for use and had no showers. ( I felt like I was camping in my own home!) The plumber just left and sanity has been restored. Whew! It’s easy for us to get angry, frustrated and even down when the normal flow of our lives is disrupted. But, being that I’ve always been the “glass half full” kinda gal, I tried to help put things into perspective for the family. An example I used was our trip to Chicago on Tuesday to scout out the Summer Monkeys gig on Sunday at Ronald McDonald House for the Alyssa Alvin Foundation benefit. As the kids were leaving RMH, an ambulance had pulled up and exited with what looked to be a 6-8 month old baby with a tracheostomy hooked up to a ventilator. Mom was following as they wheeled the baby into the front doors of RMH. I can’t even begin to imagine the stress and feelings this mom was experiencing. It was a good example to remind my own kids that if a broken water pipe in our wall is the worst thing we have to deal with this year, we have it easy. I told them that it’s important to remember what really matters in our lives, not the material things, but the fact that we all have our health, each other, jobs that provide us with money for food, our home and the ability for them to continue their music lessons. THAT is why it’s important for Summer Monkeys to give back, because we are blessed with so much that we need to share their gift of music with others in helping bring joy, help raise money for others causes or just show other kids that anything is possible. I myself have committed to donating 100% of ALL proceeds I earn through book sales in 2017 to Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope. While our family is not rich by any means (yes I clip coupons, look for sales and my kids do ‘hand me downs’), we are blessed with our health, jobs, and one another. And if our gifts of my writing and the kids music can benefit others in some way, we can see no other way to live than by sharing it with others in hopes of helping them!
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E.V. Jones

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