But it’s dry heat, right?

So, kids are back to school and the “everyday activities” are back in full swing. The sight of brand new gym shoes, fresh new back packs and the sound of kids meeting up with their friends on the playground before school, was a welcome site for most parents this week. I could pick out the parents who were sending their little ones (especially if it was their first child) off to kindergarten for the first time, as they took endless pictures, held tight to their children’s hands and looked more nervous than some of the kids. For those of us who LOVE having our kids home with us during the Summer, there comes a time, (usually the last 1-2 weeks for us), when our kids are actually excited for school and parents look forward to having the 6 hours to themselves to begin their day. It’s funny how you can almost see the clear line that defines the difference of perspectives between us “seasoned” mom’s cherishing those few hours alone and those “Newbies” of moms who are going to have to find a way to adjust to the quiet in their homes for those few hours. (and trust me….they DO adjust).
Perspective’s can be SO different between those in families as well. For example, some of you may have followed my blog during my vacation as I was clearly not all too happy when my husband had us stay a day in the Mohave desert! It was 110 degrees when we pulled up into our campsite, no shade and even the breeze was HOT! But, when I tell people of our travels and mention the Mohave desert, their number one comment is “yea, but it’s dry heat.” My opinion is that once you get to 110 degrees, dry heat or humid…IT DOESN’T MATTER, ITS HOT! My husband and kids on the other hand thought it wasn’t so bad. They looked at it as an opportunity to enjoy the pool, were happy this environment didn’t breed mosquitos, and also said, “its dry heat.” It’s all in the matter of perspectives. Ultimately, summer is NOT my favorite season, so the Mohave desert would never have been an option to stay at in the first place. But, my husband’s idea of having the kids experience as much as possible on our vacation was what prompted him to book this campsite. I’ve succumbed to the fact that we have agreed to disagree on how hot it felt, but I can tell you this, 110 degrees is hot, no matter how you look at it!

In The Wish, Maggie’s perspective of having to give Jack up to strangers in order to protect him is absolutely devastating to her. But, Jack see’s it as an adventure, not knowing what to expect once he gets to the Otherworld.
We can make the best or worst of any situation we are in just by our perspective. I guess if one can change their perspective, they can ultimately change the experience.

Til next week…
E.V. Jones

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