Comfort Zones, Pechakucha and Challenges!

Hi, and thanks for visiting! Last week I skipped a blog due to my work schedule, personal schedule and some overall issues with internet service. So let’s get started!….
Have you ever been so good at something, so comfortable, that you take it for granted. Then when faced with a challenge, you get knocked down a couple of notches on your security belt? Well that’s exactly what I’m going through this week and will again in a few weeks from now. For those of you following my blogs, you know I’m a Nursing Supervisor and have been for the past 16+ years and a nurse for 20+years. And I’m pretty darn confident that I’m good at what I do. I have been able to find that fine balance of remaining professional yet showing compassion to not only the patients and their families, but the nursing staff as well. I have recently taken on the task of learning a new skill at work and have found it to not be as easy as it looks. I felt totally out of my comfort zone as I was trained in using ultrasound to place a particular type of I.V. I’m a really good I.V. starter, but today tested my patience, my determination and my I.V. skills when using another piece of medical equipment in doing something I’ve been doing (GOOD)for 20+ years. It was a humbling experience having someone else show me how to do something that I wasn’t immediately good at. I learned today just how much room for professional growth I have once faced with something I thought would be a “breeze!” It was embarrassing, exciting, and frustrating all at the same time because this was the first thing that has challenged my nursing skills in a long time.
The second thing I’ll be faced with is Pechakucha. I have always found it easy to talk to people. When talking with teachers, librarians, students and others about The Wish and my journey in becoming published, I’m at complete ease! I decided to challenge myself in giving a presentation to a room full of people with only 6 minutes and 40 seconds allotted. Pechakucha was devised by two architects in Tokyo back in 2003 to allow young designers all come together to share ideas, show their work and exchange ideas, but in a shortened time frame. Today it has grown into a gathering of anyone who would like to present something that is near and dear to their hearts. The speaker is allowed 20 slides that are shown for 20 seconds each. While the slides are shown, the speaker is to talk about whatever topic it is they are presenting, using the slides to help tell the story. The key is to not wait for the slides to change, but keep the talk fluid, being sure your words are in line with the pictures being shown. My title is called, “The Road Less Traveled and I’ll be presenting how my choices in which road I chose has led me to where I am today, a published author and nurse. This is a definite challenge for me because I can easily go off on tangents when talking, so I’ll need to stay focused and on track when presenting.
I think we all need to sometimes step outside of our comfort zones for a multitude of reasons: humble us, challenge us, enlighten us, etc. All these things help us grow as professionals, artists and overall, as human beings. It’s good for us to take a step back and maybe NOT be good at something. Then, we can then either choose to improve at what we are not good at or choose to move on and try something else. Hopefully, in the very least, it opens our eyes and helps us appreciate those people who make it look so easy. With that, we gain an appreciation for the act, the person and realize none of us are perfect!
Til next week…challenge yourselves!
E.V. Jones

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