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Seven o’clock last night was met with cheers and screams from my kids as we received the notice from our district that school would not be in session today due to inclement weather. With wind chills dropping down to almost -35 degrees, we are happily sitting inside with a fire lit and (of course) I have a nice hot cup of coffee next to me. I’ve begun research on marketing for my book and after hearing from my publisher that we would be getting started on the cover art after the first of the year, my husband has already designed an unbelievable cover that we will be submitting in the coming week to my publisher. Of course, the publisher has final say, but I appreciate that they welcome ideas from the author and are open to collaborating with us. It’s the cover that will get someone to pick up a book and thinking of myself, that really is true. If a cover doesn’t grab my attention, then getting me to even read the back cover will be near impossible. What I like about the design my husband has created is that it doesn’t cater to either the male or female reader. According to the middle graders we’ve asked, both boys and girls said it was a “cool cover!” Once he has completed it, I may post it to get your feedback. Will keep you posted!

As promised last week, I would like to recognize a couple of young artists that I’m hoping you show your support for. The first is a local girl band called Serendipity. We saw them play last summer at a local venue and were impressed with not only their singing and playing of instruments, but their stage presence. There music was entertaining for the whole family and I think you’ll agree that they truly are a talented group of young ladies. You can go to their website at to see hear their music and learn more about them.
The second young artist I would like to mention this week is a young lady whose debut novel was released in January 2014. Her name is Crystal Mack and her book title is The Pentrals. It is a young adult novel written from the perspective of a young girls shadow. It’s description alone sounds intriguing and I plan on having this on my list of books to read this year. If you go to good reads, there are plenty of reviews that can help you decide if this is a book for you.
Thanks for visiting and hoping to see you back next week. Next week, I’ll be touching on a little bit of background on the start of The Wish and how the story started from an idea while writing with my son to where I am today, starting book number three of four! I may even be tempted to give another little sneak peek into The Wish!
Please don’t forget to send the names of any artists you may know that could use some support in their art. I’ll be happy to share them on my website!
Til next week…

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