Dedication and ‘Your Wish’ Posting.

i apologize for the delay in getting this week’s blog out. I was experiencing some technical difficulties. I’d like to dedicate this weeks blog to a young lady named Lauren, who unexpectedly passed away. She was a mere teenager at school with her friends, who began complaining of a headache. Within hours, she was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a brain bleed. I just heard she passed away a couple of days ago. Her family made the extremely difficult decision of donating her organs so that others may live on. Because of her very rare blood type, she was able to help multiple children on the organ donor list who may not have otherwise had a chance because of their rare blood type that matched hers. Having personal experience with a sister who was on the organ donor list for approximately 1 1/2 years when she was in her early 20’s, we were thankful for the family who donated their son’s organs so that my sister could receive a kidney. Being on this side, you don’t really think of how the loss of someones family member is saving your own family member’s life.  Getting my own kids to bed last night, I thought of this mom who, just the night before her daughter died, was saying goodnight to her children. It’s amazing how we all take for granted our everyday interactions with each other. Please keep this family in your prayers as they deal with what is probably the most difficult thing they should ever have to deal with.

Knowing we aren’t here forever, if you could make one wish, what would it be? I’m asking that my readers think of one wish you would make and send me a picture of yourselves holding a sign saying “My Wish”. Then either write on something big enough for all of us to see or point to what you are wishing for. Post them to my Facebook page and let’s see how many we can get. Share with your family, friends, classmates, etc., so that they can also post on my Facebook page. I’m interested to see what I get. I’ll be posting my wish this week on my Facebook page. Hope to see you there!

Really no updates regarding the progress of The Wish other than continuing with edits and awaiting my galley copy with final edits as well as my cover art! Have some exciting things happening for you to see in the next couple of weeks, so I’ll keep you posted as things get finalized and confirmed.

Will be looking for you on Facebook with YOUR wish.

Til next week.


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