Encouraging Words for All Kids- SOAR!

Hi All! Thanks for visiting! This week began summer break for my husband. My kids asked if they were getting a break and I told them, (much to their dismay) that they can have a bit of a break, but Monday, we’re hitting the studies again. (one of the agreements in our decision to homeschool- no 2 month break from school). As the end of the school year has wound down, I’m grateful for the amount of author visits and interested schools who’ve invited me to present. Last week, I returned to Mooseheart and spoke with the high schoolers, (many seniors) on my publishing journey. It was so nice to see a few familiar faces I worked with last year in the Y.A.C. program I held there. I continue to get messages from students thanking me for my visit and their ‘Find Your Clan’ quiz results. One of the best parts of writing, really is talking with the students. Knowing they get a glimpse of my publishing journey and realize how much work and perseverance it takes to get published seems to have helped those who may come from the same modest backgrounds I grew up in. comments from students to the likings of, “If you can do it, so can I”, “So, you didn’t know anyone that was an author to help you get published?” and my favorite, “I feel like I can be so much more than what’s around me. I always wanted to be a published author,now I think I can.” That last comment came from a student at a school that was in a lower socio-economic area. Those schools in an area where they would never have any chance of getting a published author for a visit (due to cost, required book sales for visit, or authors choice to not visit)are the exact schools I’m trying to target. I think those students NEED more than anyone, an author to come and tell their story. They need to see that although it isn’t easy to get traditionally published, it is possible if they keep their goals and dreams in sight. No one has the right to tell ANYONE, especially kids, what their abilities are, or the possibilities of their future in a negative way. Kids are not defined by their surroundings, their socio-economic standing, or their actions. Kids have proven to be resilient, resourceful people who, if given the chance, can rise above their given limitations and soar! I was lucky enough to come across a young lady’s mom at BEA/BookCon. Her daughter’s name is Olivia Quirky. She has aspired to be a future editor. She runs her own website where she reviews books and posts the reviews. She has a passion for reading and has it set in her mind how she will turn her love of reading into a future career. She’s an amazing young lady. If you’d like to learn more about her, visit her website at heir of glitter.
If I had one piece of advice for kids today, I’d say, don’t listen to the nay sayers, even if they are adults in your life. If you TRULY want to be something when you grow up, then do it! There is a saying I have hanging on my wall in our home, it says.”The only regrets you’ll have in the end are the chances you didn’t take.” Dream on and don’t be afraid to spread your wings and FLY!!

Til next week…
E.V. Jones

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