Featured Artists and Being Thankful

Hello and thanks for visiting! This week I’m featuring an amazing artist and talking about being thankful. So let’s get started!
As I perused through the internet doing some Christmas shopping, I stumbled across an artists site who’s art immediately caught my attention. His name is Christopher Brennan and he owns an art studio in St. Louis, MO. It states on his website that his pictures are indeed paintings, but in reality, they look more like photographs. The detail and realistic presentation immediately drew me in. Christopher has been teaching art since 1999 at the collegiate level as well as exhibiting his art for almost 30 years! His artwork hangs in museums and banks in the Midwest and sets a tone of days past, small town life when things were much simpler. Please take a moment and visit his site at http://www.zhibit.org/cbrennan/about and support him by sharing his site within your social media circles.- Thanks!

So, it’s that time of year where we are all reminded of what we should be thankful for. As I sit here feeling sorry for myself because of an injury at work that did a real doozy on my knee, chest and back, I came to the realization that I’m actually quite lucky and should be thankful that it isn’t worse. At work this past Sunday, I was heading down the stairwell as I completed my evening rounding in the hospital. Before I knew what happened, my left foot slipped (on what I discovered to be spilled ice chips that no one bothered to clean up) and I went down about 3 steps before I caught myself on the rail, I literally did the splits down the steps before catching myself on the handrail. Unfortunately, that sudden stop caused me to pull muscles in my chest as well as hyperextend my left knee. And just a day later (Monday), my back was aching as well. But, I truly believe that because I am quite active and agile, the end results weren’t worse. I think if it was any one else I was working with that evening that the outcome could have been much worse for them. So yes, I guess I am grateful it was me and not someone else. The discomfort of the injury coupled with the inconvenience of timing (just before the holidays) has made me feel sorry for myself until now. When I sat down to write this week’s blog, I didn’t really expect to come to this conclusion until I really thought about it. As I adjust the icepack on my knee and move the pillow behind my back to a more comfortable position, the words “everything happens for a reason” resonate in my head. These are words I’ve lived by and while some may just say “yes, the reason you fell was because someone wasn’t thoughtful enough to clean up their spill”, I am thankful it was me and not an older person or someone who would have most likely been hurt much worse than I had they encountered the spill before me.
Other things I’m thankful for are those that continue to support me and my writing, I’m thankful for the good health of my husband and children, for my in-laws, having a job I truly do love to go to, my boss, and my younger sister Toni. Having that connection with her as adults reminds me of my past and where I came from.
Hoping all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Til next week…
E.V. Jones

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