First Artist of 2016-Frank Romeo

Hi All, Happy New Year! A new year has brought with it a some exciting new things happening and set to happen. First, decision to home school with my kids is going FANTASTIC! I love working with them and watching them grow in their learning, first hand! Also, as a family, we are hitting week 2 as vegans. The most frustrating part is going to the grocery store, and finding I can find very little without sugar, bad oils, and/or dairy added to the products I need to buy. I was amazed to see dairy was added to pizza sauce! PIZZA SAUCE! But, all in all, it’s going very well. Finally, I’m looking forward to the release of The Wish this year. We’ve run into a few bumps in the road with my book trailer and have pretty much had to start from scratch. My goal is to have it as enticing and professional looking as possible. I want to do the book justice and at the same time, not insult my potential readers with a poor quality trailer. I will keep you updated.
As promised, here is the first artist I chose to showcase for 2016. I ran into him on Twitter and was instantly pulled in by his music. I was lucky enough to have him respond when I asked if I could showcase him in this week’s blog. He was kind enough to answer a few questions I sent him and introduce himself to my followers. So without further delay, here’s Composer, Frank Romeo!

Hi, I’m Frank Romeo, I’m a music composer and I live in Montreal, Canada. It is pretty cold in this time of the year! Haha. Actually I was a singer before doing this. I learned to play the guitar at first when I was 5 and then things got me into playing metal, then pop rock and then decided I wanted to sing. A few years ago, I formed a band called “You End Me”, a project that got us on MuchTV and stuff like that. When disbanded, I decided to do pop music as a solo project. I released a single that made it to TV and radios, but I felt like something was missing. Through all those years, I’ve always been composing some tracks that would fit on movies, well at least to my ears! So here I am now, I’m running this new project more seriously and I feel things are finally getting together. From now on, I’ve been doing a lot of short-films, and a few trailers coming out soon. I’m always composing, it’s like a non-stop machine up here in my head! 2016 looks promising, a lot of projects to keep me busy, can’t tell much for the moment though! No spoiler alerts, but for sure, new stuff for the next few months. Oh yeah, one spoiler: A direction I might be taking is game music! I’m always opened to any project of any genres.
Feel free to contact me (via Gmail at or on any other media platform such as twitter (@franktheromeo) or Facebook! My soundcloud address to it:
Frank Romeo, Composer

Thanks so much to Frank for taking the time to introduce himself. Please show your support for Frank by visiting his sights and listen to his music. He is a talented artist that shouldn’t go un-noticed!
Thanks for visiting and I look forward to seeing you back next week.
Til next week….
E.V. Jones

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