First Public Book Signing a Success!

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday! Just got back a couple of hours ago from my first book signing. I feel like it was a huge success. I had so many supporters that came out to show their support and be some of the first to purchase an autographed copy of The Wish. With a few books left over, I’ll be hitting a some bookstores next week in hopes I can entice them to carry my title. I had my whole family there, sitting right behind me and I felt like all our hard work leading up to the release and my first book signing was all worth it as my kids were able to appreciate the long hours put into putting the book trailer together, picking music and photos for the book trailer as well as working on the graphics, helping design posters, using social media to help promote the release, etc.. I feel so lucky to have the support of my family, neighbors, colleagues, and the community, who all came out tonight. Tonight was an amazing experience and I feel grateful to have come to this point and be able to experience it! All my followers have put in time as well as they continue to follow me, share my site, like and share my posts on Facebook, and continue to follow me even now that I am officially published. You’ve all come along for the ride, maybe at first, just because you were curious, and thankfully, you’ve decided to stick with me. Thank you! I will continue to keep you all updated on how the release of The Wish is going. I have 3 scheduled author/book signing at schools in the next couple of months, am set to be a part of Geneva Arts Festival in July, and am waiting on Barnes and Noble to give me their availability for April and May. I feel that this is a pretty good start for a newbie like me.
Please don’t miss next week as I give you updates on my participating at BEA/BookCon in May and I showcase another amazing artist!

Til next time…
E.V. Jones

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