Geneva Middle School South ROCKS, and…a change in my name?

I’ve spent the last two days at Geneva Middle School South here in Illinois talking to students about the process of getting published. The funny thing is, after giving the same talk to 7 or 8 different classes, I began to realize myself that an author has to have some sort of insanity gene to go through everything I’ve gone through in order to get a publisher or agent pick me up. I have to say, while I am in the middle of the chaos of edits, revisions, emails, cover designs, web designing, blogging all while maintaining a running household with dinners, lunches, dog walks, grocery shopping, laundry, etc., I didn’t really realize how crazy it’s been. I think if I had a crystal ball that would have shown me all of what I would have been doing in the midst of getting The Wish published, I’m not quite so sure I would have handled it as well as I have. The sense of sanity comes from those around me and supporting me. The L.A. teachers at Geneva Middle School South have been the ones to help get my book into the minds of the students. Their support in allowing me to talk to the students about, not only the book, but the process of getting published, is a marketing strategy in itself. Another teacher Julie has helped me with the organizing of duties to make this a success. The librarian has opened my eyes to avenues on getting reviews for my book, gave her input into the design of my cover as she is well versed in what attracts the Middle Graders eye. My husband has designed my website as well as helped me with any and ALL technological questions/issues.
I’ve been surrounded by a group of cheerleaders who’ve made this whole process manageable. And being able to talk to the students in the past couple of days just reaffirms my love for writing. Being able to reach out to them and show them that they have the ability of getting published if they have perseverance in their hearts and minds, has been the best experience so far and has made this whole experience that much sweeter!

Just heard back from my publisher yesterday. Cover design has not yet been released to me yet because of my name. Apparently there are a couple of “Yvonne Jones” that are authors. So, I will be making a minor change to my authors name by either adding my middle initial or doing initials, i.e.., Y. V. Jones. Also, received final edits to begin. According to the publisher, we are still on track to release The Wish in April. I will continue to keep you posted.

Thanks so much for visiting. Hope to see you back next week! I will be promoting a couple of artists in next weeks blog, so if there is anyone you would like for me to mention, please send me their names, talent and website for me to pass along in my blog!
Til next week…..
Yvonne or Yvonne V. Jones or Y.V. Jones

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