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Whether you are a die-hard follower or a newbie to my blog, this week will be informational for both of you. I’m hoping my current followers as well as future followers of The Cloverleaf Chronicles Series, will have a better insight of me as a person as I outline my thoughts on what I believe in. So let’s get started…..!

1) Teachers Pay: ITS NOT ENOUGH! They are shaping our young minds for our future. Why is that not valued?!
2) Politicians pay and benefits: They get paid too much. Also, if they actually paid for their kids college, got the same healthcare, got the same pension our service people get, (to name a few), maybe there would be more honesty at Capital Hill as well as a dose of humbleness to throw in!
3) Treatment of our Military men and women: Its nothing less than deplorable! A veteran should NEVER, EVER, be homeless, without healthcare or left unsupported during or after their service to this nation!
4) Police officers: They are putting their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe. The recent events of cops being murdered should invoke a sense of urgency by us, the citizens. Why aren’t we, as nation, disgusted by these actions and having an outpouring of support to them and their families?
5) The Arts: Why is it ok to cut the arts in schools but continue with the sports activities? It’s the artists in the world who will make a difference. They are the “out of the box” thinkers, they are the individuals who will be able to share their gifts of painting, music, writing, sculpting, singing, etc, for years after high school and college are finished. The Arts is what brings beauty into this world. Like I tell my own kids, “At 50 or 60, people can’t play sports like they did in high school or college, but artists can continue to create well into their golden years.
6) On the same token from #5, athletes are paid TOO MUCH! It’s sad to live in a society that puts so much value into someone who can throw or hit a ball, but not on a teacher who taught that athlete in the classroom. And we show that support to athletes by spending hundreds of dollars for tickets or buying all the paraphernalia of that team. It’s just ridiculous!
7) Every child in the WORLD should be able to experience the magic of Disney just once! While I may have my reservations of how Disney runs its business, I can’t get past the feelings I still have (37 years later) from my experience of going to Disney. It was magical. Every child should be as lucky as I was to be able to carry that feeling into my adulthood.
8) Adoption: If a couple with 6 kids wants to adopt a sibling group through an agency such as DCFS, a law forbidding the number of kids allowed in the household should not be tolerated. My husband and I wanted to adopt a sibling group of 3 girls late last year. After much research, seminars etc., we were finally told that in the state of Illinois, there are only a max of 6 kids allowed in a household when adopting. Because we have 6 of our own, we were denied to even get the process started. Because of the ages of the girls we wanted to adopt, there’s a very high chance they will “age out of the system” which means they will never be adopted and at 18 years old, they will no longer be a part of the system-never having grown up in a family, all because of this absurd law!

How can we help our children? My hopes for us are:

*Society starts bringing kids up with higher standards to achieve than just hitting a ball. They deserve better.
*Teach our children empathy towards our service people like police, military, teachers etc. Teach them the ability to look at things from another’s perspective.
*Teach our children to hear, not just listen.
*Teach our children to see past ones disabilities.
*Teach our children who the real heroes are: admire a scientist working on a cure for cancer, those that risk their lives to keep us safe, those going to third world countries, and helping those that are forgotten.
Our world is changing so fast, and our kids are getting swept up in it. Teach them to dream, to reach beyond their circumstances that could be blocking them, teach them tolerance, patience and perseverance.

There’s so much more to say, but this is just a nugget of what I believe and who I am as a person.
Thanks so much for visiting!
Til next week….
EV. Jones

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