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I’ve had a few “high’s” today: first, I topped 36,000 hits to my website. That’s up 2,000 since last week Tuesday! Second, I have less than 100 pages to finish my edits of my galley! And third, my daughter Emily returned from outdoor ed. (a 3 day overnight stay at a campground with her school learning about astronomy, survival skill, candle making etc.) Also, this week my kids piano teacher said my fourteen year old daughter Isabel should begin PRIVATE piano lessons. She definitely has a gift for music. This got me thinking of how many others out there have a gift that may be locked away inside, but was never given the chance or the spark to be discovered. My husband and I have both always had an undying love and respect for artists. Whether they be musicians, painters, sketch artists, singers, dancers, etc., they were given the chance to explore and express themselves through the arts, in turn, sharing those gifts with others. My hope for our own children is that they continue to explore their own gifts in the arts as they are all talented musicians, singers, artists and movie makers. I think because we have opened the door to the arts when they were young is why their gifts were allowed to take root and grow into being a part of them.
This week, I’d like to recognize two artists I’ve connected with on Twitter who have developed and shared their own gifts with the world. They are amazing and I would hope you show your support for them by visiting their sites and sharing their information in every avenue of social media you are a part of.

The first artist is London Rain. His music is nothing short of exceptional! He is by far, one of the most talented musicians I’ve come across. When listening to his music, it invokes emotions and I can almost see a story unravel in my head as I listened to it. You can listen to his music at

The second artist is an author by the name of Keith Steinbaum. He has a book out called The Poe Consequence. If you like thrillers, this book is for you! I have added it as a “Must Read”. I read the synopsis and the excerpt and can’t wait to get my hands on the book. He has an impressive list of both experiences and awards under his belt. Please show your support to this artist by visiting his website at and pass it along to others in your media circles.

Like these two artists, we all have gifts within us that should be shared with the world. It takes determination and patience to grow those gifts within us, but a courageous heart to bring it into this world to be shared with others.
Thank you to everyone who has shown their continued support to me. I am working very hard to complete the best possible novel I can so that you can say after you are done reading The Wish, “I can’t wait for book number two!”

Til Next Week…
E.V. Jones

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