Gifts Within and Taking Chances

With Summer break well underway, my family and I have had some time to decompress. I’ve been getting up at the crack of dawn the last few days, and realizing I can’t go back to sleep, I head downstairs and brew a pot of coffee. Drinking my coffee on our front porch, I find myself able to reflect on decisions I may be facing professionally as well as take time to appreciate all that I’ve been blessed with. My younger sister emailed me a few days ago telling me how much she enjoyed my mother’s day poem I wrote back in May on my blog. She said something that struck a chord with me . . . “it’s a shame my gift (of writing) isn’t known by everyone in my family.” As I thought about that, I realized I had never considered my writing a gift, until now. As a child, I enjoyed writing and would often put poems to music in my head, but that is where those songs stayed. I was afraid to pursue anything in the arts because that was not the “practical” thing to want to do in our family. I knew when I had kids I would be different with them.
Now as I watch my own children grow, I see the special gifts they have to offer. For example, my kids have invested time into helping launch The Wish, and I see how it’s become a family affair. My oldest daughter Isabel finished the sketches for my book trailer and my oldest son George is now working on putting the book trailer together with the pictures and music. My husband designed and got my website up and running as well as runs all the technical, “behind the scene’s” list of activities to keep it running smoothly, including the posting of ‘The Wish’ character quiz on the website.
I think because I was raised without the appreciation of the Arts being a part of our lives, is why I am such a supporter for the Arts. Seeing my kids showcase their talents, and not be afraid to put themselves out there to critics (because there’s ALWAYS critics), leads me to believe I must have done something right. The Arts not only challenge kids to take chances, but they challenge them to create, invent, and bring something different or beautiful into a world where all we see and hear on the evening news is bad. (Lets face it, good news doesn’t attract attention–usually).
In The Wish, one of the main characters acquires the “final gift” that changes not only his life but the life of his unborn son’s. Gifts can change lives, it’s just a matter of two things: if we choose to use them and if we do, then how we use them.
We’ve all been blessed with gifts, whether they be in the Arts, the sciences, mathematics, speaking/working with people, teaching, etc., we just have to recognize them within ourselves. It’s our jobs as adults and/or parents to allow kids to take chances, fail, be confronted with both the joys, and disappointments of putting themselves out there, because if they aren’t allowed to do it when they are young, we may be missing out on some of the most beautiful talent the world will never see!
Stay tuned for an extra blog next week Monday when I show you how my kids are actually doing what I have just blogged about…taking a chance!
Til then…
E.V. Jones

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