Giving Thanks

In the spirit of giving during this Thanksgiving holiday, I’d like to give thanks to a few people who I am thankful for. First, I’m thankful for my husband and children. My husband has been my number one fan and has encouraged me through my whole process of writing and getting published. My children help me find the magic in our everyday lives and inspire me to continue doing something I love to do, write.
I’m thankful for the students in my Y.A.C. clubs who never cease to amaze me with their creativity, perseverance and honesty in their writing. They are who I write for and I hope I’ve created a world in my first book,The Wish, they want to visit and stay in contact with throughout my series.
I’m thankful for my publisher, Mischievous Muse, who believed in my story enough to allow me to share it with the world. One of the owners, Cat Spydell, is an accomplished author herself and truly understands the trials and tribulations an author goes through in both writing and getting published. If your interested in supporting new authors or a publisher who believes in the voice of new authors, please visit their website at
Finally, I’m thankful for those who visit my website and those who share my website with their friends and family. I’ve always believed an author is only as successful as his/her followers believe them to be.
Thank you for visiting and I truly hope to see you back!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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