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Welcome back! A lot has happened this week. I got a goodreads author page set up with an “ask the author” section for you to post questions. I started a giveaway contest. Post a picture to my fb with YOUR wish. Get creative and I will pick my favorite. The winner will receive a signed copy of The Wish upon its release! This contest has started and will run through March 31! So get clicking! Also, I received a copy of the cover art from my publisher and it is unbelievable! It was obvious they took into consideration my vision of the cover and did a beautiful job in creating something that will draw someone’s eye to it and want to pick it up to see what it’s about. I was also contacted by an online program called ‘The Authors Show” who does radio and t.v. interviews of authors. I was told I should be hearing back from the host in a few weeks to set up the interview. I will keep you posted on when and where to go for the interview. VERY EXCITING! So, like I said, a lot has happened.

Something strange happened as well. When I was out taking my dog for a walk, a melody popped into my head along with some words. When I got home, I pulled my daughter Isabel to the piano and told her to play what I had in my head. As I “sang” the words and my daughter played along, we developed a song for my series. From start to finish it took about 30 minutes. What’s really funny is, now my kids are sitting down at the piano and warming up with the song we wrote just days before. It’s really strange how out of the blue, something just pops into my head and I can’t forget about it unless I get it down on paper. That’s kind of how The Wish got started. Once I dug the short story out of my files in my computer, I couldn’t stop thinking about its development and couldn’t even sleep unless I wrote down what was in my head.

Thank you to all my followers who have helped get my website views to over 4200!! Your continued support, sharing of my website and visits to my blog to keep updated on this incredible journey is paying off. Please continue to share my website in your social media circles. And don’t forget, get those pictures posted to my Facebook for a chance to win one of the first signed copies of The Wish!

Hope to see you back next week!

Until next Wednesday . . .  see you then!


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2 thoughts on “goodreads, cover art, a contest and a song

    • Yvonne Jones Post author

      Hey Lisa,
      ok, I ATTEMPT to sing, but really, lyrics just pop into my head with a melody. That’s where my kids take over. I tell my daughter Isabel the lyrics and melody and she then translate that onto the piano into a song. It always sounds better when they sing it. Thanks so much for following me! Hope to see you back!