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What a crazy two weeks! Last week Thursday I fell down 12 steps on my bottom and still am not able to sit down. I think I broke my tailbone. Never bothered going to the doctor because there’s nothing that can be done if I did! So, I was in so much pain in the past week, that my ability to sit long enough to blog was just not happening. While I’m still hurting, the pain is not overpowering my every thought. (Guess my mom was right, I am a pain in the butt!) lol. So, back to business….

Yesterday I spent the day at Haine’s Middle School in St. Charles, Illinois. The teachers, LRC Director and students were all so wonderful! I truly enjoyed my time there with them and am hoping to return next school year! A few other exciting things have happened since I last blogged. I dropped my book off at Anderson’s bookstore and am awaiting their reply of carrying my title on their shelves. I would consider that a HUGE accomplishment if they agreed. Also, The Wish is now being sold at Town House Bookstore in St. Charles, Illinois! Yay!! Finally, I’m meeting with Barnes & Noble next Tuesday regarding my participating in their national B-Fest Teen Book Fest in June! What an honor it would be to be a part of something so big! Keep your fingers crossed that our meeting goes well! I’m hoping I’ll be blogging next week with an answer. So stay tuned!

I’m continuing to look at schools to visit for the end of this school year, through the summer (for summer programs) then into next school year. I’ve been very steady with scheduled visits, book signings and author appearance and want to keep that momentum going! If you know of anyone that would be interested in my visiting their library, bookstore, school, etc., please pass my name along for them to contact me. THANKS!

Hope to see you back next week where I’ll be showcasing another amazing artist! Thanks for visiting!
Til next week….
E.V. Jones

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6 thoughts on “Haines Middle School & What’s Coming Up!

  • Maddy G

    Hi, Its Maddy. I was so inspired by your presentation at Haines!! Thank you so much for coming in. Today we raffled off the posters that were signed by you and I won one! I am so exited. Once again, thank you sooo much for your time at Haines, it was so cool to meet a new author!

    • E.V. Jones Post author

      Hi Maddie! Thanks so much for your message. It was my absolute pleasure coming to Haines and I’m hoping to return next year. Congrats on winning the poster! If you get a chance, please try to stop by Barnes and Noble for their National Teen Book Fest on Friday, June 10 for my author presentation and book signing. I love when students contact me after my visits. Please be sure to stay in touch and if you read The Wish, I’d love to hear what you think of it. Thanks again for writing, and I hope you continue to follow me.

    • E.V. Jones Post author

      Thanks so much Samuel! Keep an eye open for Barnes and Noble in June! I’ll be talking there and signing my book The Wish! Hope to see you there!

        • E.V. Jones Post author

          Great! let me know what you think of the book after you’re done reading it! If you have the time, I’m asking readers go on Amazon and post reviews of the book. If you can’t get onto Amazon or don’t have an Amazon account, you can always go to GoodReads and post a review there! I appreciate the support from my readers because i know the fate of my books success is truly in your hands. I hope you enjoy The Wish and please do stop by to see me at one of my book signing’s. I’d be happy to autograph your copy! Hoping you continue to follow me. Thanks so much for your feedback.