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Hi! Thanks so much for visiting! So,…it seems every summer around this time of the year, just after the fourth of July, we start gearing up for school. Although this year, being that we are now homeschooling our kids, it was a wonderful feeling when I went grocery shopping this morning and I didn’t have to worry about the dreaded SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST!! We walked right past the supplies with a big grin on our faces! This Summer, I allowed the kids to take about a month off of school work to focus on their music, which they’ve truly spread their wings and I think have even surprised themselves with how much they’ve done this summer with booking gigs. Then this morning, my husband took my three oldest to the community college to enroll each of them in a class. My High School freshman, sophomore and junior all enrolled in one college class that they can use as a dual credit for both high school and college…pretty cool. But as I talked to my 11-year-old about that and told her she should be able to also sign up in a couple of years at the junior college, her eyes filled with tears. As we got to talking, she told me she was worried that she wouldn’t be smart enough for a class at a junior college. I brought to her attention all that she had accomplished already in terms of schooling and her music. Much of which is far beyond anyone her age. As she came to realize what was already behind her and all that she had done, her whole body seemed to decompress. I assured her we would take it one day, one class at a time and would not EVER expect her to do more than she was actually capable of.
But that got me to thinking, what it is that holds each of us back from meeting our full potentials. For me, I think I was a “late bloomer” in the arts arena and writing, (so to speak,) because my parents always impressed upon me the importance of having a “real” job, marrying someone who could financially take care of me, (a doctor, businessman, etc.,) and to not even consider something in the arts as an option. I hold no grudge against my parents because as a parent, I realize they just wanted a more financially secure life than what they had. But, money cannot be ones focus to find happiness. I have never regretted my career in nursing, it always seemed to come easy to me. But as far as writing, I have dealt with my own personal challenges in believing in myself and if I was good enough for others to WANT to read my stories. Getting published has helped boost my confidence, (a bit) and with each chapter written, I find confidence in what I’m doing, and hope for a successful series. But if I let my fear of failure take over, paralyze me, I’ll never know how far I could have gone had I not tried. THIS is something I impress upon my own children as well as the students I speak with during my author visits. TRY!! And if you fail, pick yourself up and try again. Only you stand in the way of your own success or failure. And if need be, I’ll always lend a helping hand to those that fall and may not want to get back up. Because if we don’t help the next one in line, what hope does our future have in raising a society of caring, empathetic, creative beings?

I’ve begun my emails to local and out-of-state schools regarding author visits. I’ll be contacting the schools I’ve already visited in hopes of a return. Realizing word of mouth is the best form of marketing, if anyone knows of a teacher/school that would like information about my visits, please direct them to my website. Doesn’t matter if they are out of state. I’m hoping to continue with the momentum of visits I ended on at the end of the school year.
Thank you so much for visiting! Please join me next week as I showcase another artist and maybe have a little surprise in store from The Wish!
Til next week…(always help the next one in line)
E.V. Jones

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