Home Sweet Home!

Well, we’re finally home after one month. I apologize for the delay in getting this weeks blog out. I had only intermittent internet connection the last couple of days of my trip, so was unable to get on for any length of time to post. I’m both happy and a bit sad to have left such a beautiful part of this country. The west coast was amazing with the weather, ocean, mountain views and Redwoods! As sad as I was to leave, I must confess, coming home was somewhat of a relief because I was beginning to miss some of the everyday comforts of home. Things as simple as cooking on my stove, my comfortable bed and taking a shower for 10 minutes without the hot water running out on me, all makes the comforts of home that much more inviting! Its amazing the little things you miss and come to appreciate of your everyday life when you are gone for any extended period of time. I’m hoping we have built some unforgettable memories for our kids during this trip. It’s unlike any trip we have ever taken or probably will ever take again. Our family is winding down for the next few days, getting back into the schedule of our daily activities: work, kids prepping for cross country, school shopping, etc.
I’ve begun to review all the notes given to me from my publisher regarding the edits and revisions in the galley they gave me during my visit with them in California. The next few weeks will be filled with rewrites and research. I’ve also begun to make my list of schools I will be visiting to offer T.A.P. to. Y.A.C. will be starting up as well at my kids elementary school in the coming few weeks after school starts. I don’t think boredom will be an issue with me over the next few months.
My sincerest gratitude to everyone following my blogs, my Twitter followers, and family and friends. My website visits has topped 24,000, with over 3,000 of those visits being in just the past week! All I can offer is my thanks and my promise to do my best in not letting you down once The Wish is published. I think you’ll find the story to be a “page turner” and a reintroduction to a fantastical world, offering suspense, innocence and magic. I’ve tried (and am trying) to make sure this is a story that all ages can appreciate and come to love.
Thank you once again for all your support!
Til next week….

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