Homeschooling!…Here We Come!!!

So, here’s the leap of faith I took….
My husband and I decided to pull all six of our children out of the public schools they attend and are going to home school them. This decision was not made on a whim. If you’ve been following me, then you’ll know I took a stand last year and decided to opt my children out of the standardized tests being given to them. I’ve had my own personal reasons to take issues with things the schools are mandated to do by the state. Teachers are unfairly judged and evaluated on their teaching based on how their students do on the standardized tests. Never mind a lot of children can come to school with baggage that weighs them down, causing them to be unfocused, disengaged and often times, just tired. How much can a teacher really do, EQUALLY, for each and every student he/she teaches, AND actually reach those kids who have special needs?
I don’t have an answer for the problems plaguing the school systems today, but I do have a possible solution for my family, and that happens to be homeschooling. I have two children with special needs; one with auditory processing disorder and one with severe apraxia, (that has thankfully, only affected her speech). Both have had their struggles in school, so my first concern was that they were going to thrive in a home school environment. My oldest son has auditory processing disorder and is a sophomore in high school. In recent months, he has made statements that makes me feel like he doesn’t have faith in himself in his learning. Although he has an IEP (individualized educational plan), I’m not so sure the teachers take that into account when teaching. He deserves better and I truly think my husband and I could offer our kids so much more than the schools can. My high schoolers will continue to attend school til the end of the year to finish their electives in the arts (orchestra, drama), and keyboarding. So why do this now? Because, I want to offer my children more than what the schools can offer and I want them to get their childhood back. They ALL come home with anywhere from 1 1/2 to 4 hours of homework a night! Why is it that parents accept this to be okay? Why is it okay for teachers to take that time, MY time, away from me with my kids? My kids came home with gym homework last week, GYM HOMEWORK! My daughter was doing it at 9:00p at night! What happened to the day kids were encouraged to just go run and play. Why can’t kids growth in a subject such as gym be graded on how much play time they’ve had or how their running times on a one mile has improved? My kids are only with me for a short amount of time, and I no longer want them to come home after being at school for 6-8 hours a day, only to stick their noses back in the books for a few more hours.
So, I’m taking my kids back, and after 3 days at home with me this week doing the home school curriculum, I’m loving EVERY minute of it!
I’ll keep you updated on my experiences in this very personal family decision we’ve made. I’d love to hear back from kids who have or are being homeschooled as well as parents who are homeschooling their kids. It would be fun to hear others experiences in homeschooling!

As for The Wish, I heard back from my Publisher and they said they received my galley with its edits. I’ve begun to edit book number two based on what I’ve learned in editing The Wish. Not much more to report.

Til next week …
E.V. Jones

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