Impacting one another and teaser of The Wish 1

Welcome back! I spent most of the day today in HAZMAT training at work. We reviewed and did drills for victims exposed to possible chemical and biological agents and how we would treat them as they enter the hospital. It was really very fascinating and I’m looking forward to more classes and training. It seems so unfortunate that this has become one of the top priority trainings in our healthcare today. Being trained to face situations you pray you never have to encounter in your lifetime can be frightening. We never hope to be put into a situation where we have to choose who to treat and who is beyond treatment or even rescuing, but if we are, one of the things that could help us is our training. These instructors truly had an impact on my learning today as well as how I look at such situations.
Talking of responsibility, one of the things I wanted to convey in The Wish, was a sense of responsibility everyone has and how everyone’s lives somehow touches another. Without even realizing it, we can have an impact on a complete strangers life just by our actions or words, either directly or indirectly. An example would be nurses. As you all know, I had a sister who was very sick as a little girl and spent most of her childhood and well into adulthood, in the hospital. I was nine years old at the time and was a quiet little girl sitting at my sisters bedside. It was through the actions and caring of the nurses that I decided to become a nurse. I don’t think one of those nurses who cared for my sister Penny realized the impact they had on a little girl just visiting her sister.
There is a moment in The Wish, where a major decision must be made by one of the characters that changes the course of everyone’s lives he knows. With just one decision made . . . one act, there is no turning back. We all have it within ourselves to impact others lives, both of those we know and don’t know. But the question is, will you be a positive force lifting others or a negative one knocking them down?
I’m hoping you’ll offer a smile and think about how we are all connected and impact each other more than you probably will ever know.
Still no update on the book’s release date, but I will post the minute I hear something!
Take care of yourselves and each other.
Til next week….
E.V. Jones (I figure I better get used to signing my potential new authors name!)

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