Inspiration and Finding Strength Within

Welcome back! As promised, I wanted to bring your attention to a previous local band I mentioned a while ago, Live Wire. They are a local band who has once again gained the attention of a (big time) news show, WGN channel 9 news here in Chicago. They are the  epitome of what can happen with a dream, talent and lots of practice. The base guitarist was one of my husbands students this year. If you go to their website, you’ll see where they are playing this summer as well as clips of their music.It’s amazing how far someone can go when they do what they truly love.

I’ve always seen myself as a nurse, being that I basically grew up at my sisters hospital bedside during her diagnosis and treatments. But with that experience, I dealt with her illness by writing. I kept diaries and would write poems. If you’ve followed me since I started my blog, you know I believe, everything happens for a reason. While nursing has always been what I identify most with, writing has always been silently hanging out in the background of my mind. I greatly appreciate any artist who can sing, play music, sculpt, paint, etc., because I’ve never been able to do any of those things. But, I’ve found an artistic outlet in writing, that helps me feel like I’m a part of that artistic community who creates from nothing. Once I allowed myself to not care what others thought about my writing, I found myself able to open up and write what I and my kids would like to read. I think I still have a lot to learn in my writing and becoming an accomplished author, but like the main character Jack, in The Wish, I’m slowly learning I may have more inside of me than I had realized. Remember, I never wrote The Wish with any intention of ever getting it published, it was just a story for my kids.
I wanted to be able to write a story where any one of my kids could either read it or have it read to them. I’m hoping the story will inspire the reader to build a relationship with a  young boy who, throughout the story, changes, grows and learns more about himself through trials and tribulations of his extraordinary circumstances.  In one part of the story, Jack learns of a secret that was kept from him his whole life: could his dad still be alive? The strength he finds within himself to overcome a past that has stirred bitterness and anger within him may be the most challenging thing has ever faced.

We are all faced in our lives with challenges, uncertainties and sometimes bad things happen. But through this all, we grow and learn. In my life, I’ve had some crazy things happen that made me say, “why me?” But looking back, I’ve always said, ‘everything happens for a reason’ and I’m thankful for ALL my experiences as they have put me exactly where I am today.

Thanks so much for continuing to follow me and sharing my website with your family and friends. I feel truly blessed to have such supportive followers, family and coworkers who are as excited as I am for my debut novel, The Wish to be released.
Til next week…..

E.V. Jones


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