Interview on Authors Show and more…

Welcome back! This weeks blog will be short and sweet as I continue to prep for my authors visits and BEA/BookCon. Next week I’ll be visiting my old stomping grounds, the Middle school I graduated from almost 34 years ago! I’ll be doing my first authors visit at a school since The Wish was released! I’m really looking forward to speaking with the students and tell them how I had never imagined when I was their age, of being a published author. The weeks that follow will be 2 more visits to another middle school and then an elementary school! This really is the best part of being published, talking with the kids! I’m also continuing to prep for BEA/BookCon to make this as productive a convention as possible.
Something very exciting happened this week…I had my first interview on The Author’s Show. This is an internet talk show that showcases authors. I think it went well and was told it will be broadcast at a later date. I’ll be sure to let you all know when that will be. I’m told within about a week or less. So stay tuned!

Not much more to report on, thank you all for your continued support! Please be sure to like and share my site in your social media circles. One final request, if you’ve ordered The Wish from Amazon, I’m asking if you could post a review on Amazon. The success of any authors book can be determined by the reviews. I’ve got a few on there so far, but the more, the better! If you didn’t order The Wish from Amazon and don’t have an Amazon account, you can also go to GoodReads and post a review on there!
Thanks so much!

Til next week….
E.V. Jones

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