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Welcome Back? Sorry for the delay in getting last weeks blog out, but I wanted to be sure to get my guest’s interview in for this blog, and her plane was delayed in getting here for a very peculiar reasons, which we’ll discuss in our interview. So without any further ado, I’d like to introduce Maggie Shannahan, one of the main characters in The Wish!

E.V.: Hi Maggie, thanks so much for coming. How was your flight in?
Maggie: The flight was fierce E.V.! Put my heart crossways, it did! I suspect it was the workings of O’Dorchaie. He’s been quite persistent.
E.V.: Really? He hasn’t given up then?
Maggie: No. And I suspect he won’t give up until he finds what he’s looking for.
E.V.: Probably not. How’s Tom doing?
Maggie: He’s hanging in there. I have faith he’ll be back.
E.V.: How did you two meet?
Maggie: Really nothing out of the ordinary. He just docked with the O’Reilly Fishing Crew and I was down on the docks to buy some fresh fish from O’Reilly’s Warehouse. The dock was quite slick and I slipped. He caught me before I hit the ground. Our eyes met and I just knew, he was the one. It was odd, the minute we met was like that missing part of me was finally found.
E.V.: Really? Now if that’s not fate, I don’t know what is!
Maggie: I do believe in fate and believe it was fate that played its part in our finding each other!
E.V.: Can we talk about how you’ve been managing since . . . well, since Tom left?
Maggie: What would ya like to know?
E.V.: What do you do to make your time pass. And have you heard from Jack?
Maggie: I like my gardening. Time spent out there truly allows me to be with both Tom and Jack in my memories. I haven’t heard any word from Jack. But I feel he’s safe and Molly has assured me he’s in the best of hands.
E.V.: And how is Molly doing?
Maggie: She’s getting along well.
E.V.: Is there anything you’d like for my followers to know now that you have the chance to address them directly?
Maggie: I would. I would like for your followers to pick up our story, The Wish. It’s a very insightful account of how my family has made sacrifices to assure we all stay safe from O’Dorchaie. And to let them know there are warriors in all of us. We all have the chance every day to be someone’s hero, to help them fight their day-to-day battles. Tom and Jack are my heroes. They have made the conscious decision to put others before themselves at the risk of personal sacrifice. THAT is what our worlds need today. Always do what is right, no matter how difficult it is. Our family has quite a challenging road ahead of us, but I’m certain our challenges will be met with the courage and determination needed to defeat O’Dorchaie and once again bring us back together as a family.
E.V.: Maggie, that was so well put. You are one of the strongest ladies I’ve ever had the honor of meeting. I can only imagine what it would be like to face what you’ve faced. Has there been any word of O’Dorchaie’s whereabouts?
Maggie: I’m sure he was close by on my flight out to the states. A storm appeared out of nowhere. But, there are forces even I could feel protecting us. I’m lucky to have the friends I have! Lucky indeed!
E.V.: Maggie, I want to thank you for coming out to Geneva, Illinois for our interview. Any other plans before you leave for Ireland?
Maggie: Just going to do a bit of sight-seeing in your town, and my flight leaves tomorrow.
E.V.: I pray for a safe flight back. Thanks again Maggie for coming!
Maggie: My pleasure E.V.

Thank you to Maggie Shannahan who took the time out of her schedule to fly all the way out from Dublin, Ireland to come talk with me about her story, The Wish.

Hope to see you later this week as I will showcase an artist and update you on the Cloverleaf Chronicles Series!
Til then….
E.V. Jones

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