Kudos to my kids and a Give Away in the Works!

Hi! Thanks so much for visiting! I have a few things to talk about, so let’s get started….
I received emails from a few students of schools I visited in the past month as well as some customers from my Barnes and Noble book signing. They wanted to let me know the clan they quizzed into onto my “Find Ur Clan” quiz on my website. I absolutely LOVE hearing from both readers and those visiting my website. I’ve mentioned before, interacting with people, especially younger readers, is one of my favorite parts of getting published. Getting feedback and general comments or questions makes my day when I open up my lap top!
Also, I found my email list I thought I lost from BEA/BookCon. This was a list of people who visited my booth at BEA/BookCon and were interested in my doing an author visit. I finally got back to them today with information on what my author visits entail. So, I’ll be waiting anxiously to hear back from them. This next 6 weeks is going to be somewhat of downtime for me being that schools are out and I’ll be taking a break from author’s visits for a few weeks. My next booking is for Geneva Arts Festival in July, I’m hoping to have a good turn out for that.
Finally, I feel compelled to throw kudos my kids way. As you all know, my kids are all talented musicians. About one year ago, they decided to form their own band, playing for free, especially for charitable events. Their mentors in development of their band has been Hix Bros. They are a family owned music store that offers music lessons as well as help kids form and develop their own bands. Through Hix Bros. my kids have been given the opportunity to play as a band at fairly large venues, allowing them to develop confidence, perseverance, and stage presence through their experiences with Hix Bros. Most recently, they began, (with the help of my husband) to book their own gigs. They’ve already secured a pre game concert for the Chicago White Sox, will be playing at Six Flags and already did a private birthday party last week. Here is a perfect example of someone making their own destiny! They wanted to take their music to the next level and have even developed their own ukulele club where they will play primarily Beach Boys Songs to be thrown into their sets. I’m so proud of my kids! They are living the very words I tell the students during my author visits, “Make your own path, and don’t give up!” They are my inspiration to keep my dreams in sight and not give up. We all make our own destiny. I have several sayings hanging up on the walls in our home, hoping our kids will somehow have these words planted into their brains. One of my favorite sayings is, “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”. They would need have gotten the gigs they have had they not tried. If you get a chance, please take a peek at their website, www.summermonkeys.com. They just may surprise you as much as they’ve surprised me.

Finally, I’ve set up a GoodReads Giveway for The Wish to start next week. I’m just waiting their final ok. As soon as I hear my give away was approved, I’ll be sure to notify everyone! It will run for one month and one winner will be chosen at random. Please stay tuned for the released date of the Giveaway!

Til next week…
E.V. Jones

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