Living The Meaning of Christmas.

With Christmas just DAYS away and not one bit of shopping done, I decided to combine last week’s blog and this week’s blog into a post today. This week’s blog is a snap shot of how the goodness in others can always be seen if we just look hard enough!
As always, this time of the year brings both excitement and magic into our home as well as memories past and family that is no longer with us. It can be hard for those that have lost loved ones, especially around the holidays. Appreciating what we have seems to come easier and is much more humbling when we see what others don’t have. Being a nurse and working in an area where crime and gangs is just a part of life, I get a perspective of what being human REALLY means. I witness every day at my job how drugs have taken the lives of young men and women, some considered kids, far too soon. I see those who are without healthcare end up in our ER as a necessity that could have been avoided had they the money for their meds. I see those shot or stabbed over a misunderstanding, a gang retaliation, or as innocent bystanders who were at the wrong place at the wrong time. I do see a lot of what is bad in the world and what I’d change had I the power. But I also see good! I see the doctors and nurses who give 110% of what they have to save lives. I see the kindness of “strangers” cross the barriers of what separates us such as color or socioeconomic status, hold one another’s hands, hug each other, smile, pray and just be there in some of the most difficult of times. We can never know what others are going through in their lives to bring them to the point where they end up in our ER. It can often be hard to not judge the patient who has returned for the third time in a week due to his diabetes, hypertension or drug overdose. But we must be human and realize none of us are perfect. All we can do is be there for them when they come in, fix what we can and hope they will someday get the real help they need.
In this season of giving, we can all do something for our fellow mankind. Donate to shelters, collect winter coats and deliver to homeless, collect blankets and deliver them to homeless as well. Be a mentor for a young person who is not in the best home situation, give of your time by volunteering. All of these things can be both fulfilling and humbling. We need to remember, at one time, we were all very young children who had aspirations, dreams and hopes. I’m sure no one had thought at 4, 5 or 6 years old that they wanted to be a drug user, gang member or homeless, but it somehow happened. Just remember, everyone has a story so be kind to one another.
May you and your family have a blessed Holiday season. Merry Christmas!
Til next week…reach out and give of yourself as a Christmas gift to a stranger in need.
E.V. Jones

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