Mark Nelson-artist showcase

Hi, and thanks for coming! I wanted to share a with you an amazing artist I came across, once again of all places, at my work. As I said before, my hospital hosts art displays with a new artist every month. This month, I couldn’t help but to spend some time and admire the work of Mark Nelson. His paintings pop out at you with the texture and colors alike. The paintings themselves lit up the hall where they were hung because of the colors used. He has a studio in Chicago and I just may take a visit to see his other work as well. I wish I could paint and create works of art like some of these artists do, I’m so jealous! The artists I’ve featured in the past couple of years have all developed their own little world of beauty, and if we are lucky enough, they share it with the rest of us in local venues like my work, where we would otherwise not be exposed to their art. Please visit his website at . Also, please share his website with others in your social media circles. It only takes a click of a button to get his work in front of more people. Thanks!

As for me, I continue to work on book #3, am planning on my summer and doing more book signings at other B&N stores. They have been absolutely wonderful in the response to my doing book signings. So as more come up, I’ll be sure to share them with you. Hoping everyone is staying warm if you live in the snowy regions.
Til next week…stay warm
E.V. Jones

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