Moonstar Pottery and The Wish Events!

Welcome back! As promised, this week I’m featuring a different type of artist- A Potter! No, I don’t mean Harry Potter, but a person who makes pottery. I came across her work as I did my research on local artists. I’ve mentioned before how my current job at West Suburban Hospital supports their local artists, so I decided to see who was up for this month’s display and the artist Kristi Sloniger popped up as an artist in Oak Park. Her background is actually as a flautist, but when she took a pottery class, she became hooked. Once her husband got a job with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, she decided to put her flute aside and become a full-time potter. Her work is amazing and to watch her video on creating her pots, bowls, etc., makes one believe it’s oh so easy. But I’ve tried pottery and I can tell you first hand, it’s not as easy as she makes it to be. She has a studio in her basement where she alone creates these beautiful pieces of art! Her business is called Moonstar Pottery. Please visit her site like her page and share her information. You go to to see some her work!

As for me, a lot has happened this past week! First, Barnes and Noble in the Geneva Commons here in Geneva has invited me to be a part of their national B-Fest Teen Book Fest! This is an honor to be asked by such a reputable, large company to be a part of such an event! I met with their representative on Tuesday morning and was happy to hear that even a week after my author visit/book signing at their store, they will have my book, The Wish, on display to be purchased! Another piece of exciting news is that I entered a competition with a local t.v. station, WGN Morning T.V. News, to hosts their block party. They are looking for a neighborhood to have a block party and they will broadcast their news from that party. I got the news Wednesday evening that we got chosen, so the whole WGN News crew will be here Friday, May 20 from 6a-10a! I’ll (of course) have a small display of The Wish to talk about on their broadcast. (Yay!)
2 more schools are looking to try to book me before the end of this school year and I’m still sending out more invites for visits for next school year.
I’ll keep you updated on the progress of events as they come up. Thanks so much for your support and please remember to share my site and let everyone know that The Wish can now be purchased on Amazon Books, at the Barnes and Noble site and now is on sale at TownHouse Books in St.Charles, Illinois!
Thanks so much for visiting and hoping to see you back next week.
Til next week…
E.V. Jones

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