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Swimming Upstream

Sometimes trying to get to where we want to be is like swimming upstream. What keeps us going, keeps us from wanting something so bad that we REFUSE to give up? Believing! Believing that we are better than what our critics may say. Believing that behind every disappointment is a lesson to be learned. Believing […]

Artist feature and Personal Share

Thanks so much for visiting! As promised, I wanted to share with you another magnificent artist I came across…actually at work. I’ve shared in past blogs that my full-time job is as a Nursing Supervisor. And in our basement passageway from the garage to the main hospital, my employer allows the local arts community showcase […]

Call Out For Your Help!

I’m writing today, afraid to say I think the flu is at my door! ugh! So, before it knocks me on my butt, I wanted to devote today’s blog as a request for support from you, my followers. Last year, I decided to start a “pay it forward” campaign in hopes of helping someone else […]

Dreams 2

As I drove my kids to their classes this morning, we were discussing dreams and what they mean. ( I’m somewhat known as the ‘dream interpreter’ in my family). As we discussed their dreams and what they could mean, I once again realized why I love kids so much! Kids aren’t hindered by life to […]

Here’s to your Health!

Greetings! And thanks so much for stopping by! January is one of my favorite & least favorite months. It’s my favorite because I love the idea of starting a new year & making goals for the year. It’s my least favorite because, believe it or not, I begin to get tired of winter. Winter used […]

2018…Here I Come!

So, I was thinking today of all that happened in 2017, and my journey of becoming a published author. My intention of writing The Wish, and then having it turn into a 4 book series was always meant to be for the pure entertainment of my own kids. But, when I found a publisher who […]

12 Days of Christmas

Hi Everyone! And happy holidays! Just 12 days of Christmas left so begins my first Annual 12 days of Christmas giving posts. If you follow me on instagram, (cloverleafchronicles), you’ll see everyday I’ll be posting 1 example of giving/sharing done by everyday people. Sometimes it’s not so much the physical things others give, but their […]

Paying It Forward in 2018

Hello to all! It’s so good to be back!I was having some issues with posting last week, not sure what the issue was, but all is working now. Last week I posted on my instagram that I was researching my next endeavor in “paying it forward” by donating 100% of all proceeds I earn in […]