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Thank you Madison Middle School! 2

So, today I got to return to a school that is near and dear to my heart, Madison Middle School in Naperville, Illinois. A few years back, I worked as a classroom nurse in the special education room. I had the honor of working with some AMAZING people. The teachers, students, librarian, etc. are all […]

Alyssa Alvin Foundation-Making A Difference

Can one person make a difference? I’ve met someone who has. Yoli Alvin is the mom of Alyssa Alvin who passed away a couple of years ago after her long battle with leukemia. Alyssa was a talented artist, musician and overall beautiful human being. After her battle with leukemia was lost, Alyssa’s mom wanted to […]

Mark Nelson-artist showcase

Hi, and thanks for coming! I wanted to share a with you an amazing artist I came across, once again of all places, at my work. As I said before, my hospital hosts art displays with a new artist every month. This month, I couldn’t help but to spend some time and admire the work […]

Plans for 2017

Hi All! For those returning, welcome back. And for you newcomers, thanks for stopping by! I was sitting with my family over the holiday break, talking about how we’d like to see 2017 play out. As you may know, my kids have a band called Summer Monkeys and they are setting up a plan to […]

Reflecting on 2016!

Hello and Happy Holidays to you! This will be the last blog of 2016 and I can’t believe it! This year was filled with so many experiences for both me and my family that I wanted to share my reflections with you. Early in the year, on March 17, appropriately enough St. Patrick’s Day, The […]

Living The Meaning of Christmas.

With Christmas just DAYS away and not one bit of shopping done, I decided to combine last week’s blog and this week’s blog into a post today. This week’s blog is a snap shot of how the goodness in others can always be seen if we just look hard enough! As always, this time of […]

Radio Interview, B&N and More!!

Wow! What a crazy couple of weeks! about 2 weeks ago, I got injured at work and have been “down for the count” due to a knee injury. But in that time, some exciting things have also happened. I was interviewed this past Thursday, Dec. 8 by Rita Domann on WGOG radio. Rita is actually […]