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Hello All!
Since the word has gotten out that my first book of a four book series was picked up by a publisher and is due to be released late next year, everyone has asked, “Where did you get the idea of the book from?” The truth is, I’ve always loved writing and the idea of this story came from story nights I would have with my oldest son George. Due to a hearing disorder, his speech was quite delayed. His teachers suggested when he was just seven years old that he try and write his thoughts out to help develop his communication skills. That’s how our story nights began. And that is where my story “The Wish” (A Middle Grade Fantasy),started. It started as just a few pages, but I put it aside for a very long time to write other stories, poems and children’s stories during our story nights. Then one day, for some reason, this story came back to the forefront of my memory and was begging to be written. Conversations were ensuing in my head between characters I didn’t even have names for yet. When we were doing some major construction on our house and I was two stories up on scaffolding, too high up for my six kids to get to, I would construct the chapters in my head, talking to myself as the characters wouldn’t shut up until I finally got what I thought about all day, down on paper at night. It took about nine to ten months to write the whole story. After what I thought was excellent editing on my part, I began sending out my queries to agents and publishers. It took several months before the rejections began rolling in. But on a February evening, I was going through my emails and received a request for the full manuscript from Mischievous Muse. I remembered reading about them in my Writers Digest magazines and how they were an up and coming publisher who were interested in new authors. I sent off my manuscript and about two months later was told by this publishing company that they would be interested in a resubmission if I were to put some real work into my manuscript and do some major editing. So, I hired a professional editor and worked on it for ten months. I resubmitted it and waited. Finally in May of 2014, I received the email every author dreams of. Mischievous Muse offered to publish my book. It all felt like a dream and actually took a few weeks before it sank in. My book is due to be released with their 2015/2016 publications.
This is a journey I am savoring with every step. I appreciate you following along and hope you continue to drop in and see how things are going all the way up to my debut release next year. Along the way, I’ll be posting blogs a couple of times a week for you to get to know me and share in my experiences. I invite you to ask a friend to visit as well. Hope to see you back soon!

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3 thoughts on “My First Post! (click here to read full post)

  • Kim Cornell-Anys

    Hey Yvonne!!! I’m so happy for you! Congratulations on your exciting journey! Can’t wait to read your book:) BTW, I could totally see you climbing onto your roof to think! lol

    Take care-

    • Yvonne Jones Post author

      Hi Kim, it seems the only two places a mom can be alone with her own thoughts are the bathrooms and now… 2 stories up on scaffolding. lol. good to hear from you!