New Artist Showcase and What’s Coming UP

Welcome! With this new blogging schedule of now posting every two weeks, I feel as though it’s been forever since I last posted! As promised, this week I’m showcasing an incredible artist who lives in Oak Park, Illinois,just a few towns over from me. I ran across her artwork as I researched local artists and realized I had that information at my fingertips with my current work place, West Suburban Hospital. As stated before, West Suburban Hospital does a wonderful job in supporting local artists by allowing them to hang their artwork in the hospital hallways, and have a “kick off” for the “artist of the month”. The artist I am showcasing this month is Ginny Pitre-Hay. She is a “contemporary representational artist.” Her paintings come across as stories that seem to unfold in your mind as you stare in wonder at her amazing work. She is a painter, according to her website at, she has “a lifetime of drawing, to her career as designer and art director in the magazine and book publishing industry, she has dealt with the power of storytelling.” Her paintings are nothing short of remarkable as they lend a sense of peace and serenity as I scrolled through her work. With her talents reaching beyond her paintings, as in the art of storytelling, she is sure to be an artist worth researching and supporting. Please visit her sight at and show your support by passing her information along in your social media circles. As for me, I just may be visiting her sight and looking into purchasing something in the near future!

As for an update on The Wish, I am continuing with my author visits to various venues throughout the Chicagoland area schools, libraries, etc. I’ll be entering The Wish in a couple of contests in hopes that will also bring some notice to my story. If you know of anyone who would be interested in a free author’s visit, please have them contact me as I am always adding new author visit venues to my list.
As always, thank you for your continued support and be sure to share my information in your social media circles and like me on Facebook.

Please join me in two weeks as I post Part One of Two of an original Halloween short story!
Til then…

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