One Year Anniversary of My Blog and Teachers recognized

Cheers to all! November 6, 2014 was my first post and I’m happy to announce, I’ve officially had 47,600+ hits to my website. Thank you so much for your support over the past year!
With the holidays just around the corner, I’m beginning to get that cozy, warm feeling, drinking hot cocoa by the fire or my favorite, apple-cinnamon tea. But the mornings are strictly coffee! Lucky for me, I have some pretty talented kids who I get to enjoy some beautiful classical or jazz piano being played over a cup of coffee.
As you know, in the past, I’ve tried to recognize artists of all different venues that you may not have heard of. But, what about the teachers of these artists? I’d like to recognize a few teachers in the music business that help children and adults alike, develop their talents.
The first group of teachers comes from a place called Hix Brothers. They are a business run by a group of brothers (Hix) who took over their father’s business he started back in 1946, out of his garage! The Hix Brothers have established a reputation of professionalism, patience and excellence in teaching their students. I decided to recognize them because they have proven to me they are in the business for more than the money. They truly love what they do. Every teacher there has years of teaching experience, professional experience, (some opening or touring with big name bands!), and/or music degrees.
I’m grateful for my own children’s music teachers. They teach my kids so much more than music, they help build their self-confidence, teach them to take chances and give them opportunities throughout the year to not only play in concerts, but help raise money for reputable organizations that help the homeless or poor. What more could you ask for in a teacher- they teach my kids music and support my own beliefs in helping others! If you are in the Chicagoland area, please stop by and help support this family run music store that goes above and beyond in their music lessons! You can visit their website at
The second teacher I’d like to recognize is David Kellen. He runs Studio K music in Aurora Illinois. He has twenty-four years experience teaching piano and is an accomplished pianist himself having played large venues with some of the most talented Blues and Jazz artists known. His ability to teach all forms of music such as pop, classical, jazz, blues and rock, makes him one of the best kept secrets in the Chicagoland western suburbs. He teaches his students not only music and proper technique of playing, but other things that are beneficial to ones life, such as, perseverance, creativity, courage. He also offers his students to perform twice a year in a recital. The hard work pays off for his students as they are able to show their growth in the lessons they’ve received, in these recitals. Please visit his website at to learn more about David.

Teachers are so often in the shadows of their students. They watch them grow in their talents, taking pride they have played a part in helping develop the student’s talent that may have stayed hidden, had the student not taken the chance to take lessons. While artists help make the world a more beautiful, colorful place, it’s the teachers that can spark their interest to take the chance in exploring the arts.
Thank you to all the teachers of the arts who encourage, inspire, demand the best, and help our children (and adults as well) to take the chance in sharing their talents with all of us!
Til next week…
E.V. Jones

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