Part I of II-Edits, marketing and synopsis!

Hi Everyone!
It’s been an exciting week! We’ve submitted our idea for the cover art and the publisher is now working on it. Hoping to have something back by next week. Once the cover art is complete, I can begin to hit the marketing aspect. Also, I’ve started my list of places to schedule author visits/meet and greets, but can’t actually begin scheduling anything til late February being that we don’t have a firm release date. I’m anxiously awaiting my galley copy of edits for review and apply the suggested the changes. I’m lucky enough to have a few people who are helping me along in terms of getting reviews of my book prior to release, guide me in the “art of author visits” and help me stay focused in the whole business aspect of getting a book published. It’s really quite incredible regarding how much work there is to do prior to a books release. Without any of these people’s help, I would really be struggling. Their commitment in helping me is appreciated beyond what words can express.

Finally, I’ve added a synopsis on my website. It’s at the top of the “Book One” page. Since word of my books release, there’s been questions on what the book is REALLY about. Please check it out! It gives you a sneak peak of the story. I’ll be blogging again this week as a “Part II” of this weeks blog, with the names of artists sites you can visit and show your support.
I know I’ve said this a few times, but thank you so much for all your support in the release of my first novel. Please continue to share my site with family and friends in your social media circles! Word of mouth truly is the best form of marketing!
Hope to see you back in a day or two for part II of this weeks blog!
Til then….

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