So this past week I presented at PechaKucha. As stated last week, PechaKucha is a presentation developed back in 2003 by two architects in Japan to help designers, architects, etc., have a venue to share their work. PechaKucha means “chitter chatter” in japanese and is known for its 20×20, meaning 20 slides, 20 seconds each which results in a 6 minute 40 second presentation. The night was filled with an eclectic collection of stories from artists, authors, collectors, music production coordinators, book collectors, etc. It was a comfortable, laid back environment for people to share their passions, interests, and profession with others. The presenter is expected to stay within the 6 minute, 40 second time limit, making sure to keep their presentation in line with the slides that automatically change every 20 seconds. It was both challenging and exciting to present in such an arena. But even more surprising was the amount of people who came up to me with words of encouragement and a “pat on the back” for my presentation. If anyone is ever interested in participating in PechaKucha, just google them and you should be able to find a chapter in your area. Over 900 cities throughout the world participates in PechaKucha nights and if you are up for a challenge, this is definitely for you.

Thanks so much for visiting this week! Stop by next week where I’ll be showcasing an amazing local artist.
Hope to see you then!
Til next week….
E.V. Jones

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