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Greetings to everyone! I’m making a slight change in what I was going to blog today with some very exciting news. I just heard from my publisher yesterday that I will be getting my first galley copy in the next month with the publishers edits. I’ll have til the end of March to review and send it back. Also, I was asked to send in my ideas and recommendations for the cover art. I’ll be working with my husband on my ideas for the cover art as well as polishing up my blurbs for the back cover and what will be posted on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. Finally, I was told publication of The Wish is to begin in April, pending everything goes as planned! I’m not sure how long of a process that will be as we are in the very beginning stages, but as soon as I hear more, I will be sure to let everyone know.
Once again, thanks to everyone who continue to visit my blogs and share my site with their friends and family. I appreciate all your enthusiasm, kind words and encouraging messages regarding the release. This is an incredible journey and I feel so lucky to have so many of you following along.
Hope to see you back next week!

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2 thoughts on “Publishers email!

  • Toni

    All great news!! Not surprising though! Too good of a thing to not be noticed! It is all coming together!! That’s my girl!! It will soon no long be surreal but SO REAL!! Can’t wait til April!! Until then
    Keep on creating!!
    -T. Hugger