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Welcome Back! Theres less than a week left of school for my kids and they are all getting a bit giddy! We have a fun summer lined up with a 3 week camping trip out to California and back in July. Based on the feedback from my publisher, it looks as though I’ll be doing some work on the road that month, preparing my manuscript for (what I hope will be!) a final review from the publisher prior to its publication. I’ve made up lists of schools I’ll be visiting to introduce myself and my book as well as T.A.P.  It’s been a crazy year, with both the ups and downs of getting published and the constant reminding myself to have patience!

As we draw closer to the release date, I will again have a free give away on Goodreads, so stay posted for details as we near the release! Also, IF, (big fat IF!), the book happens to make it out before my vacation, I have a fun activity planned for my followers.

I want to once again thank my followers, both website and Twitter followers! I’ve topped 11,000 hits to my website and I think it’s all due to them. The devotion, dedication and never ending support from both fellow authors and other followers absolutely amazes me. The sharing of my website seems to be spreading and I’m getting more and more hits every day. Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for your generosity in support of Book One-The Wish, of the Cloverleaf Chronicles series.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Hope to see you next week for a teaser revealed from The Wish as well as getting back on track with the naming of a couple more artists for you to visit and show your support.
Til next week….

E.V. Jones

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