Radio Interview, B&N and More!!

Wow! What a crazy couple of weeks! about 2 weeks ago, I got injured at work and have been “down for the count” due to a knee injury. But in that time, some exciting things have also happened. I was interviewed this past Thursday, Dec. 8 by Rita Domann on WGOG radio. Rita is actually a former classmate of mine that I graduated from high school with. She is a life coach and holds a talk show called just real talk Rita on WGOG every Thursday. It was a blast! I got to talk about the development of The Wish, my work with students on creative writing, author visits, etc. It was approximately 2 hours (with breaks) and we got to cover a lot of ground with lots of promoting of my book and where it can be purchased. You can listen to the interview at
Also, I’ve been invited to Barnes and Noble at the Geneva Commons for their book fair on Wednesday, December 14th from 4p-8p to sign copies of The Wish. Its going to be a night of lots of fun with carolers, the middle school fiddle club and gift wrapping! I am so excited to be a part of their holiday festivities! Finally, the Middle School I graduated from (just a few years ago-lol) has invited me back to work with the students on their creative writing. I am so excited that they invited me back and am happy to be a bit busy the next couple of weeks before Christmas. I’ll have to find time to also squeeze in Christmas shopping as well!

Not too much more to report. Hoping everyone is taking time during this busy time of the year to remember what Christmas is truly all about and help just one person who may be finding this time of the year difficult to deal with. Our family likes to share the gift of music and my kids band has played a couple of charitable events in the past few weeks and will continue to do so up until Christmas (and beyond).
Thanks so much for stopping by and hope to see you back next week!
Til then….
E.V. Jones

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