Raising a Hopeful Future

So as many of you may know, I have 6 kids and they are quite musically talented (none of which came from me!). After recent posting’s on instagram, Twitter an Facebook, I’ve had countless number of people tell me “you should write a book”, basically on what we’re doing to raise 6 kids, recent change in their schooling to homeschool, and how we got them (so far) to what they’re doing musically. While this is an intriguing notion, at this point we feel we need to stay focused on them and supporting them in reaching their goals. Although we don’t have the time to sit down and start to write a book, I’d like to share our thoughts and parenting beliefs with those of you interested. It’s all really quite easy…just let them be kids.
Pulling our kids out of the public school system was a HUGE step in allowing them to grow not only as musicians and students, but as human beings. Homeschooling was the number factor in their continued success in both school and their music! While many say, “I could never do that! I wouldn’t know how.” I tell them, neither did we but we did a lot of research and everything we read said, “just do it.” We learned that things will fall into place if you let go of your preconceived notions of “schooling”. We’ve even changed in our schooling since we began this journey almost 1 1/2 years ago. It took a while (about 2-3 months) to get our curriculum together and really buckle down. But we realized during the course of our decision, that we were trying to fill in the time during the day with schooling. I mean really, how can schooling get done in just a few hours compared to the 7-8 hours a day kids spend in public and private schools? It does. I feel as though I’ve reclaimed my children and given them back their childhoods. So, for those wanting to try homeschooling and are worried if you can do it, you can. Just do it. Another factor I impress on those that ask about how my kids are doing so well is that I tell them, my kids don’t play video games. Now we have video games, actually old atari pole position, pac-man table game and Golden Tee golf game, but they can only turn those on on Friday evenings. Along with these, I’d encourage parents to do the following:
1) make them read. anything.
2) take away their phones at dinner and at bedtime.
3) discipline. teach them common courtesies like please, thank you, may I. Teach the boys to hold doors open for others. This goes a long way.
4) allow them to be kids, play, imagine, invent worlds on paper and in playing together.
5) Believe in their dreams. They’ll have a lifetime of people telling them they “can’t do something”. It takes the dreamers to make this world a more beautiful place.
So that’s it. That is the basic foundation of our kids upbringing. Theres so much more, but these are the basics of raising our kids.
Thanks so much for visiting this week. If you celebrate Easter, have a wonderful Easter weekend. If you don’t celebrate Easter, may your weekend be a restful one!
Til next week….
E.V. Jones

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